samsung omnia questions and carphonewarehouse contract

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Found 18th Oct 2008
ok i have a few questions which i would really appreciate if someone can answer:
1. can you put epocorates (a medical application) on the phone?
2. how is the battery life on the samsung? because i had a n95 and that was rubbish.
3. my current contract has finished with o2 through carphonewarehouse if i cancel do i have to notify them 30 days before?

any help will be apreciated. rep for anyone who can answer the questions.

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1) I don't see why not . if the programs supported om WM6
I've had Wills Eye Manual 4 running on a windows mobile for the past 3 years & just keep
moving it onto whatever new handset I upgrade to.

2) You've got a device running a processor @ 624MHz ...clock speeds that were only/barely possible
on Pentium III MACHINE a few years ago. is it any suprise the battery life is not long with the
phone drawing all this power from a battery not much bigger than two gum packs. Not to mention
constantly illuminating a larger ( almost 4" diagonal screen) & powering all sorts
of on-board radios ( WIFI,FM,B'TOOTH/GPS).
The Omnia gets slagged off. But it's an excellent device if you consider all the features & their effect on
battery life.Sure they could put a bigger battery(capacitance is related to size) but that would
likely make the phone bigger/heavier .
It's brilliance lies in the fact that it's a dual-mode (pseudo-dual Operating System) phone.
You can use it as a basic no-brainer dummies phone or you can tap into it's more
sophisticated features if you want .Prior to the Omnia most WInMobile incarnations put folks
off due to the myriad of progs jumping out at you when you picked up one not to mention
their lack of aesthetics

The beauty about the Omnia is that it can be used ''Tocco-Like'' without ever giving your self
a headache with the WindowsM side of things. The wow factor for most people is that "Ive
got an easy to use Tocco but ''wow did you know it's also a pocket PC"..without really
exploring WM6 beyond say installing Tomtom!!

3) sorry cant answer that as I don't know!

p.s. excuse any typos ..have a sorehead / need to get off
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