Samsung or sony 40"+ LCD TV

    I have decided to go for a 40"+ LCD, i need it to be HD etc with good connections, i have nearly gone for the Samsung LE40R88BD which looks to be ok and a reasonable price, but i keep seeing hot deals for the Samsung n m seires. Is there much difference between the models?


    The main difference is that the R88 is HD Ready, but no True HD (ie 1080p).
    The native resolution of the R88 is 1366 x 768.

    The LE-40M87BD is a True HD panel, ie it will display 1080p.
    The native resolution of the M87 is 1920 x 1080.

    The main reasons I'd spend the extra £150 on the M87 are future proof with 1080p and a better resolution when I plug my laptop into it.

    If you have plenty of spare time look up the models on [url][/url]

    tba you can go on forever as I was doing 6 months ago. samsung/sony/lg- lcd or plasma. It's never ending. I went for the R87 from empiredirect. pictue is very good on c4 c5 but bbc sometimes is pretty ordinary. sound on samsung is not too good. I have a big extension where the tv is so I am now looking at getting home cinema poss sony ss1100 again from empiredirect for about £200 with 3 year gaurantee. My friend bought a sony again from empiredirect 40 inch for £649 and tbh there is no difference. empiredirect from time to time have 10% off days so I got £75 off my tv. keep alook out for that( then take the plunge. I also bought samsung dvd recorder 155 with upscaler. this is excellent. If u are going to get the sony i suggest u invest about £125 and get the dz230 home cinema. these 2 products will do the job. hope this helps

    I've recently bought a 40" Sony KDL40S300U which is a 720p model. I chose this over a 1080p as apparently it's very hard to tell the difference between 1080 and 720 at this size so save yourself the cash. As for Samsung vs Sony, I thought they were about the same quality picture wise, the only real difference is lookswise, the Sony has a matt black surround whereas the Samsungs tend to be very glossy and shiny. Sound is pretty decent on Sony.
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