Samsung PS42A457P1DXXU lcd problem

    My old mans lcd (less then 6 months old) has started switching its self on, but not fully switching its self on

    it makes the noise like its turning on, then the screen goes a little light for a second then it goes off again

    does anyone no if this a fault to worry about ?

    he got it from littlewoods on the 52 week no interest scheme

    he was wondering if he called them and asked them to replace it would it be a case of them just swapping it over, when they come to collect the faulty one or would he be with out a tv for a while

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    Our new Samsung does a similar thing. It seems to switch itself on and you can hear the sound for a few seconds and then switches itself off. It is almost as if you are picking up a rogue signal from somewhere. We have 2 other similar Samsungs in the hosue that don't do this, so I don't understand what's happening either.
    Sorry I can'thelp specifically, but thought you may want to know I have the same "fault".:?::?:
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