Samsung PS42B451B Query


    i purchased the above yesterday as it looked a good deal. i have a simple query which i cannot find a simple answer for ANYWHERE !

    when i play a blue ray disk the info on my player states "1080/24p"

    and when i check the info display on the TV it states it is displaying "1920 x 1080 @24hz"

    Can someone please tell me if my TV is displaying 720P1800i etc......

    i am not very technically minded so as mentioned above a simple answer would be very much appreciaed. thanks


    yes -

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    thanks ascen, yes what ?!


    thanks ascen, yes what ?!

    you asked for a simple reply! :-D

    you said:
    and when i check the info display on the TV it states it is displaying "1920 x 1080 @24hz"

    Yes - this is 1080 = hd!

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    thanks very much Ascen, much appricated. :thumbsup:

    one more stupid question

    is this 1080i or 1080p. cheers

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    The reason i am asking these questions is becasue any specifiocations i find online say the TV is only 720P.

    hrm interesting. ok i had had a quick look and confirm that that model is only 720p.

    it isnt clear - does the blueray movie even play? or does it just show a "1920x1080" message on the screen

    if the movie doesnt play, can you at least see the blueray menu system before playing a bluray?

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    the movie plays perfect. as mentioned in my first post, when i hit the info button on the tv remote i get the message 1920 x 1080 @ 24hz.

    i am just wondering what am i actually watching, is it 720P, 1080i or 1080p ? the message on the info button gives me the impression i am watching greater than 720p as the TV is only specified at 720p. thanks
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