samsung q330

    missed out on the deal from savenolaptops, anyone know of any other similar laptops at a similar price?


    Still waiting on mine... 11 days later -.-

    Apparently there is an "issue" with my parcel according to DPD, SOL has to contact them to investigate - should have heard back today but alas...

    SOL will be getting another call from me tomorrow in a less good mood than I was in on Friday. Won't be ordering from them again or recommending them to anyone outside of England... £10 for postage to NI, next day delivery - almost 2 weeks later and still nothing - And they didn't bother themselves to follow up on their own either, took a call from me to get them to "send an email" - PAH! They'd better pick up the bloody phone and ring them tomorrow when I call....


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    lol- so not a happy customer?!
    anyone else have any recommendations?!

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    lol- so not a happy customer?!

    How could you tell? -.-

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    They called me today - Apparently the parcel has been lost at DPDs sorting hub - Some (insert profanity here) has probably nicked it, grr.... However they are going to send a replacement, yey. It had better be here by the end of the week...

    If I wasn't in work, I would have been a bit cheekier and asked for delivery refund but screw it.
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    Delivered today, yey. Happy now, looking forward to playing with it when I get home.

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    cool. now i need a good deal on this!
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