Samsung r19 bd lcd tv to Dell inspiron 530.....

    hi im totally stuck, what cable do i need to connect these 2 together?? the instructions for the dell are incoherent ramblings but im unsure of all this VGA and S-VIDEO malarkey, and there are so many inputs outputs on both of thesebits of equipment. could somebody include a link or the EXACT name of the lead/cable that i need for this? rep will be added, thankyou so much in advance......


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    can anybody help me pleeeeaaaaase??

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    If your pc has a vga connection (usually blue)then this is what you should use,If not did your pc come with a dvi to vga adaptor such as this,Dvi is the white one and vga is the blue end,if so you need to connect this to your pc and use a standard vga cable from this to the monitor

    Proving a link listing the ports on both would be a good start.

    HDMI to HDMI is the best way is both ends support it, if not then DVI to HDMI will carry the video and if you don't even have DVI on the laptop then VGA to VGA is a possibility if your TV has a VGA port.

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    vga to vga it is then guys.....
    thanks tonyg and endlesswaves:thumbsup:
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