samsung r510 help please

    Hi every 1 i need some help on my laptop everthing was working fine no problems i left it on while i took the kids to school i was only gone 30mins or so and when i came back the screen was blenk nothing there when i switch it on nothing comes up i tryed pluging it into my t.v and still nothing comes on i carn't hear the harddrive doing anything. it's like it's given up the ghost.

    has any 1 had this happen to em? and how did you manage to sort it?

    and is there any way to get my things off the hardrive i have pictures and stuff on there

    thanks for all your replys


    It probably wants charging ;-)

    Seriously, if you cant get it working strip the HDD, pop it in a 2.5" caddy and USB all your stuff to another PC, - or just keep it as a portable.

    /edit - try removing and refitting the battery.

    Do any lights come on when you press the power on?

    the hard drive is easy to recover, unless it is a physical failure, so don't worry too much about your data.

    call us on 0161 764 6767 we'll try and help (advice is free)


    My guess is it has gone into hibertnation.

    There is usually a combination of keys to press to get it out of hibernation.

    Check the documentation.

    It will probably be the Fn key and another key (F2, F3 or so on)

    yeah sounds to me like its gone in to hibernation to

    Original Poster

    when i switch it on the power is there the harddrive light is fashing and thats it

    there is plenty of power in the battery err i fort it might be in hibernation but it does the same thing when i swith it on

    thanks for ya replys

    Remove the battery from the unit for a good 20 mins and then put it back in and try again, hopefully it will boot up as normal instead of in hibernation (if that is indeed what the problem is)

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