samsung r519 and windows 7 help

Found 29th Apr 2010
my son has wiped off windows 7 on his samsung r519 lappy trying to run a snow leopard its now running xp is there any way i can get back windows 7 using its original licence cheers
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try doing a restore
There should be a Restore option on the samsung, I think it may be F10 or F12 when you initially turn the computer on. However, installation of another OS may have removed the recovery partition. Samsungs sometimes come with installation discs so check this.

If you cant do this, I would get hold of a Windows 7 CD from a local computer shop, and use your product code. Or you can call samsung who will send you a recovery disc for about £20.

Good luck.
There's probably a million different pirate web sites you could get it from. Thing is though, you're downloading it from a 'dodgy' website but you are actually allowed to as you own the product key. It's stupid how manufacturers don't give you a proper recovery disk and fob you off with a 'recovery partition' which is totally useless if something happens to your hard drive!!

You need to find out which version you used to have though (e.g. Windows 7 Home Basic, 32bit) and download it. If you can find out which version you used to have, I'll try find a good source where you can download it from.

If you do end up downloading it, you have to burn the file which you download (it's usually an "ISO" file) to a blank DVD. You need to use a program such as IMGBurn to do this - but I'll post up some steps when it gets to that stage (if it gets to that stage)..

edit: btw, the version should be on the Windows license sticker on the bottom of the laptop
edit 2: I'm doing a Google search of "Samsung R519" and it looks like it ships with Windows 7 Home Premium and the processor is 64-bit. Can you confirm this?
edit 3: OK i'm not sure now 'cos some sites say Home Premium, some say Home Basic.. Do you have a more specific model number? Again, this will probably be on the bottom of the laptop..
Ok, cool - I'll have a search.

Are you comfortable using torrents? If you're not or haven't got a clue what they are, don't worry I'll look for a direct download..
the porter;8483897

newsgroups would be better mate but im not too fussy your a star

PM sent with links - one direct download and one NZB :thumbsup:

Hope you get it sorted :-)

Edit: Oh, and as mentioned before - you'll need to burn the ISO disk image file to a DVD. If you go for the direct download link, you're only downloading the ISO file itself so just open up IMGBurn once you've installed it and go through to the menu to burn the image.
If you go for the newsgroups option, it's all packed up in a multi-RAR archive so you need to extract the ISO file from them with WinRAR (unless your newsreader automatically unRARs archives).
While this is kind advice, I find some of the torrent sites are wayyy full of viruses. Just phone a local computer shop and ask if you can have a copy of an oem disc. The ones down by me have done it for me a couple of times.
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