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Samsung refuse to repair phone under warranty?

Posted 7th Feb 2017
I've got a note 4 which recently developed two issues. The Volume down key does not operate (It clicks but no response) and the home button key is very stiff. Seeing as I have two years warranty with the device I decided to book a repair with Samsung. This is when all the troubles occured

Firstly Samsung asked for a proof of receipt to be emailed to them before they can book a repair and since I bought it under the three network I sent them the reciept I got from them. It was an invoice however they did not accept this since it's not a PDF file. I decided to chase up Three and they kept messing me around. It took 5 calls and speaking to the manager to sort the PDF file out. I sent Samsung it via email and called them to find out if they received it. They denied it. I sent it another two times the following day and finally someone in customer service confirmed they did receive the PDF from the day before! They booked the collection of the phone via UPS. I was work 6 days a week so I made the collection point my work address. UPS did not turn up so I called both Samsung and UPS and both companies did not have a way to track the driver. I then organised another collection. Again UPS did not turn up. I called Samsung again and they said they will send me a prepaid envelope along with packaging for the phone. I waited another 5 days and did not receive anything. I called Samsung to complain about this...All they said was they can send another prepaid packaging but by this time I just wanted my phone to be replaced. They did not offer this so I had no choice but to continue waiting. A couple days later I receive a prepaid label through my front door but no packaging!

I decided to wrap the item myself including plenty of bubble wrap because I don't want to waste anymore time. Once I sent it off I received a confirmation of them receiving the goods 4 days after. Finally thought it was all getting sorted however today I receive an email which states there's a hairline crack on the phone and I need to pay £156 to fix this before they even look at my issue. I definitely know this was not there in the first place as I keep my phone in a case and a tempered glass is on the screen! When I told them this they said you wouldn't be able to see it but it's there. I only took off the case/glass for the repair.

I called the repair centre after work. They rudely kept repeating what was said in the email and did not offer any help. When asked to be transferred to someone senior they told me senior staff don't take calls which is completely absurd. I spent 2 hours on the phone being transferred from one department to the other and being cut off during the process. I finally spoke to a supervisor after 3 calls who said the repair centre have final say and I can't do anything about it. He even said that anyone who disputed Thier repair centres always lose and I need to pay if I want it fixed.

Surely this is not right. I complied with everything they asked from me and I know there was no crack as I look after my phone.

Is there anything I can do to dispute this?

- Phone sent to Samsung after 2 failed collections and one missed prepaid envelope
-Samsung refuse to repair due to hairline crack even though I use a case/tempered glass.
- They refuse to repair and told me I have to pay £156
- I'm left with no phone
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