Samsung RL33sbns Fault!

    Can anyone shed some help/advice?

    I have the above fridge and have had it for 2 trouble free months. I noticed today that the veg had started to freeze in the veg drawer. Thinking this was the temp control i turned it down. Now the lights on the front just flash and all the food in the fridge is starting to freeze!

    Any ideas on what the problem is? Is it ok to leave the fridge on? I bought it from Dixons online, any ideas on how long before they come out?

    Sorry for all the questions but I dont want to wake up to cooked or frozen food in the morning!


    Sounds like the thermostat has gone. Don't know how long Dixons Warranty take to come out but make sure you try and claim the cost of the ruined food back from the manufacturer as well.

    Personally i'd turn the fridge off as the milk etc. will be fine for a couple of days in there.

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    Thanks for the advice. I have come up with a plan for today! I have put it on a timer that will switch it on for an hour, off for an hour etc etc! Will phone Dixons this morning and keep you updated!
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