Samsung S2 - music transfer from PC

    Can anyone help, ive played around for a bit on it, but for the life of me i cant work out how to move some of the music from my PC onto my phone. I cant see that its the traditional drag and drop, because attaching the phone doesnt bring up an external hard drive.

    Help is mucho appreciado.


    It should do, when i plug my s2 into my pc it lets me just drag and drop! failing that install kies and use that instead. When you plug it in you don't get rid of the screen with connected on do you? as that would stop you copying it across.

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    Hmm, i think i might have been a bit hasty the first time it plugged in. Dont know if i stupidly cancelled some type of installation early.

    You are changing to usb transfer mode (or whatever it's called) in the notification bar when it's plugged in?

    The few Android devices I've used have required this for drag and drop.

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    brilliant, ive got it so that i can drag and drop the data. Just need to experiment which file to drop i into!
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