Samsung S6 best contract, and is the 7 worth tge extra?

    So I'm thinking if getting my son a phone on contract for his birthday, so was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for an S6 deal? Not bothered about data as he pretty much just uses wifi, and he'd probably be OK with 300/500 mins .

    Also, is the S7 really worth the extra? Appreciate it's the premium model, but will the S6 play latest games etc?



    How old is he? Its a lot of money if he loses it.
    Might be better off buying a Sim free and chucking a giffgaff sim in!

    Not wanting to be "that guy" - but im currently going through hell with Samsung's customer services trying to get a faulty S7 Edge fixed. Apparently there is a chronic shortage of spare parts so there is a long delay if the phone needs repairs, just to bear in mind.

    With regards to your question though - My Wife has the S6 Edge and I have an S7 Edge, and although there are minor improvements in the S7, its not worth the premium in my opinion. (oh, and dont get the edge model because it is largely a gimmick and certainly not worth the extra.)

    I'm an s7 edge owner, and I agree it's a gimmick, yes it looks nice but I turned off the edge features as I never used it, also it hard to find a decent if any screen protector that works and doesn't collect dust at the edge, I've also read a new screen is £200 if you break it, just something to bear in mind

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    Thanks. He's 18, and has an iPhone 5 at the moment but doesn't like the Apple experience and wants to go Android. He's on giffgaff now which I pay £10 a month for. So I figured an extra £15 a month say for 2 years for an S6 was a reasonable idea?

    PS although I'd be happy with a Chinese import phone (using a P8 now) I'd rather get him a 'brand' as it's a present.

    I used to have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which was a very nice phone.
    my only concern with it was it was very hard to find a decent case due to the edge, and as it costs around £200 to fix the screen i was careful. I also found that although the edge looks very nice, it was just a gimmick and never really used the features with it.

    I now have the Samsung Galaxy S7 and havr only upgraded due to me selling my previous phone and buying this phone second hand (got myself an absolute bargain).

    Comparing the two phones they are both brilliant phones, but my personal recommendation would be to get the Samsung Galaxy S6. Unless you are a technology freak then you or your son shouldn't notice the difference. The Samsung Galaxy S6 can do everything the Samsung Galaxy S7 can do and will definitely be great use for all the stuff 18 year olds use their phones for.

    Samsung Galaxy S6, you won't regret it

    just for the battery life s6 is not worth the hassle
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