Samsung S7 acting weird, any ideas?

    Evening all

    Strange couple issues with my S7 phone lately. First one is a website I go on regularly changes language for some strange reason. Say I close a tab and then open it up again and it's change to French, Italian etc?

    Secondly, I've got my password and login saved on a website and it keeps wiping the login details when I close Internet and I then have to put the password in and login again. It does this randomly and then sometimes the credentials are remembered? When I clean private data on chrome it's set to not wipe saved login details.



    First point of call would be a scan for malware or virus, which is doubtful, then a soft reset, if persists do a hard reset.
    Make sure your data is backed up,

    If it were me, I'd first try and clear the cache of your Internet app. If that doesn't change anything then reinstall the app and see. Is it only specific to the one app, it doesn't happen anywhere else?

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    Yeah it's just the Internet chrome app that's acting up

    I switched over to firefox for this reason. I prefer chrome but I need it to be consistent.

    Setting, App settings, Delete app data and cache

    if your on o2 download (released tuesday)the nougat update I did and solved a few problems

    Might be getting ready to explode?

    Original Poster


    Might be getting ready to explode?

    ​Funny. It's a S7 not NOTE 7.

    Just a general poor Samsung starting to act up.
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