Samsung S7 - Original or not?

Found 26th May 2017

On behalf of a friend I want to ask is this is an original Samsung S7 or not?

Can we trust AnTuTu Officer or sometimes it can give report like this?…8zt

Serial number and IMEI check says that it was produced last year. It got update to Nougat but still...

What score it should get in AnTuTu? Because I saw that you can change resolution, so which resolution should be tested?

I'm really confused and can't help him with answer.

Genuine Galaxy App doesn't say that it's an original.

Others apps shows that it have right specification.

Today he will try to speak with Samsung but can then check it only with IMEI and serial number?
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I'd say If he had doubts enough to check it with an app chances are it's not real. Id have never even thought about doing it. Where was it bought from?
eBay of course, but it comes in sealed box. I know it's nothing​ because what's the problem to fake a seal and everything but.. I just don't know how to help him to e 100% sure.
Should be able to tell straight away by looking at the screen. Its impossible to replicate a decent screen cheaply.
you sure it's not just paranoia ?
If he got it from ebay, as unlocked it could be a flashed. I had a Samsung from there last year and it kept coming up with a fault. Loaded Kies on my computer and reflashed original software, despite being told by Samsung it was beyond economic repair. Maybe he could try that.
Upload some pictures of the phone from different angles, screen on/off and you can usually tell.
I will see him over the weekend so then I will take some photos. Thanks for all replies.

Anyway - how big AnTuTu score should be with screen on WQHD settings?
Why dont you register the device with samsung using it's serial number and see if it is detected as an S7.
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