Samsung S8 deal now the s9 launch

Found 25th Feb
Hi all, I currently have an iPhone 6s, I can upgrade my contract and thinking about a Samsung S8 because I can’t afford the new s9 prices out right/monthly, does anyone know if the S8 contracts will drop slightly in price once the s9 is officially released? Many thanks for anyone’s help, just looking to try and get a good deal
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They will most definately drop when the s9 arrives, but exactly how long after and by how much is anyones guess.
I also have an iPhone 6 Plus (not the S), and I’m very tempted to consider buying the Samsung S9 Plus. The price is considerably much cheaper than buying the iPhone 8/X (which is what I WAS going to do).

This is what got be converted into thinking of getting the Samsung S9:

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