Hi anyone know where to go to get this phone unlocked - locked to virgin
thank you


yeah i got a code if u want £1.50


GuysHere's the unlocking procedure for this phone. I've used it … GuysHere's the unlocking procedure for this phone. I've used it personally loads of times and it's all good!>BEFORE YOU BEGIN PLEASE ENSURE ALL LOCKS ARE OFF !!!>ie:SIM/PHONE/PIN LOCK>OTHERWISE IT MAY MESS UP THE CODE PROCESS>TO DO THIS GO TO YOUR SECURITY MENU AND DISABLE THE PIN SIM AND PHONE LOCK IF YOU HAVE THEM ACTIVATED.>Thankyou>>>Any questions regarding above please e-mail for advise first!!!!>>>Thanks for purchase>>Please follow these instructions Very carefully>>>E900 Unlock>> > 1. Turn off your phone, put in a SIM of a provider that it is not>locked to, and turn it back on.>>> > 2. At the wrong card message, type *#9998*3323#.>>i.e ( star/hash/9998/star/3323/hash )>> A message will pop up telling you to press exit, Press exit.> Choose malloc fail.> Your phone will reboot and your SIM will work.>>>3. Type *0141# and then hit call.> This will give you a message saying your phone is personalized.>>>4. Power down your phone and insert a SIM card other than the one that is in it.>>Power back up your phone.>>> > 5. At the SIM code prompt type 00000000, (that is 8 zeroes.)> > Your phone should now be unlocked>>Notes>> In newer phones it is possible to use this alterative to above> Simply type in keypad #*7337#)> With no sim in phone> Can reset phone & unlockHope it helps

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Wow - I am going to try, not too good at this but thank you so so much

if the above doesn't help then simply do a search on here for e900 unlock and you should find links to a piece of software that will unock the e900. it was in a littlewoods deal IIRC. it worked for me

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Thank you

i tried this on 2 phones i received this morning but when i change the sim card and enter the 00000000 code it says invalid sim card

am i doing something wrong?
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