Samsung Smart TV's Memory Stick?

Posted 2nd Aug 2012

Just bought a Samsung ES8000, noticed that you can use the USB slots to expand the memory for more Apps etc...

Can a normal USB such as:…266

Or do I need a external hard drive? I'll be using it for films etc, but not to a major extent, hence why I'm only looking to expand the memory by 16-32GB..

I also presume USB3.0 would be recommended?
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Yes a usb key should work fine.i used one to update the firmware on my samsung tv.
surely usb2 should be more than adequate if its just for apps...
Thanks for that Csiman! I'll get a 32 Cruzer 2.0.. Cheers
My samsung es 6300 smart tv keeps cutting out and saying session ended whilst streaming a movie it does this every 10 to 15 mins. Has anyone any ideas on solving this problem it would be greatly appreciated
I have es 6710 samsung tv. Youtube stops again and again while playing and web browser mostly show memory error and end session plz give solution and email me at i will be gratefull to you.
how do I get more memory on my ue40s5500kxxl Samsung smart t.v
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