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Hi all, I have just bought myself a data cable for my Samsung F490, however I can't find any official software compatible with mac. Does anyone know of any good alternatives? i want to sync everything if possible


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i've found a software called isync but it won't do everything i'd like it to. how can i store my messages onto my mac?

I use ]BluePhoneElite it's spot on.
[Edit] It seems there may be some compatibility issues with your phone and the sms functions. Check them out ]here.

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i;ve tested it and it doesn't seem to recognise my messages in my custom folders (ie saved folders)

edit: it would seem to be because my phone doesnt allow internal memory messages to be read?? only sim messages?

Yea I think that is the problem, it's quite a fundamental flaw because I don't know anyone that stores their messages on their sim card.

I'm not sure if there is an alternative ware that can do the same job as well as BluePhoneElite unfortunately.

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anyone encountered a similar problem and could help me?
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