Can anyone who has got or had these phones give there verdicts or which is better i've got a samsung soul but thinking of changing to a touch screen and no cant afford a i phone! thanks


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    soul id say

    Any reason why?

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    like a phone to be a phone if u know what i mean! hate full touch screen … like a phone to be a phone if u know what i mean! hate full touch screen phones.

    yeah cheers thanks for your view

    I have a Samsung Soul and absolutely love it.

    I am not keen on touch screen phones (my brother has a Tocco and I just can't use it, drives me mad) but the "magic window" on the Soul is very easy to use and works really well with the phone. The Soul is a brilliant phone, looks stunning and works perfectly!

    My opinion would be to stick with the Soul or at least try out a proper touch screen before you actually buy one to see if you would actually be ok using it everyday!

    I've got the LG Viewty and am really happy with it, never had a problem with the touch screen and its great for sending txts as you can use the qwerty keyboard, normal keypad or even handwrite with the pen provided.
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