Found 6th Sep 2008
Anybody who knows about these things-I've been offered this TV for £250.
Any thoughts?
Think I know the answer but just checking.
Rep left for useful info.
Had £1200+ RRP few years ago.

Product Information

16:9 widescreen format
Widescreen format for viewing films in the format originally intended by the director.
Headphone socket
Enables the use of personal headphones.
Rear A/V inputs
For easy connection of equipment such as camcorders or games consoles.
2 scart sockets
For easy connection to other A/V equipment.
20 watts RMS audio power output
A larger output results in greater volume.
The quickest way to access teletext information.
10 Page Teletext memory
For later recall of text pages.
Digital Video Noise Reduction
Reduces static noise, improving image quality.
On-screen menus
For easy selection of features.
Child lock
By using a pass-code, the set can be prevented from being used by unauthorised persons, such as children.
100 Channels
Can be set to receive different programmes.
Auto set up
Automatically tunes in and sets the channels at the touch of a button.
Sleep timer
Can be set to switch off automatically.
42 inches television size
Size of the television measured diagonally across the screen
S-Video Connection
Enables a high quality connection to a video or DVD player with a corresponding output.
Delivers a higher quality image by sending the colour and brightness elements down four separate wires.
100Hz processor
Displays 100 frames per second
Community Updates
Hi Bri, from what I know, I'd say that is a good price! If you don't want it let me know!
I wouldnt touch a samsung rear projection Tv with a barge pole. 2 uncles of mine bought 2 about the same time, same specs as above neither of them lasted up to 3 years, before they both packed in they started showing green colour only, however someone else I know but a thomson rear projection 9 years ago, sold it last year for an amazing £500(after 9 years). So If i were you Iwouldnt do that.
Good price, but bulky set by todays standards. I used to have a 57" Toshiba rear projection set, really happy with it but can be a sod to watch in strong daylight.

Go for it! :thumbsup:
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