samsung surround sound system problem

Found 16th Nov 2009
Hi we have a samsung home cinema system HT-THX22, bought from Comet 2 years this december. It has been returned twice so far for the same problem (noisey fan) now it has a new problem...
if the system is on aux then after a few mins it will show PROTECTION on the display and turn itself off but if it is in DVD mode it will stay on with no problems??
Ive rang samsung who told me to ring comet and comet suggested that there may be a fault with a wire/lead and said to unplug a wire at a time and see if it still happens, if it still does it with all wires unplugged then it maybe a manufacturing fault..... done this and it still does it with all leads un plugged (except power lead )
1) anyone have any other ideas before I call them back?
2) and also where do I stand if I call them back as its over 1 year old please?
ta very much xx
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Hi there,
searching online for a solution to my problem, i cam acrosss your post - i know it was some time ago but did you ever get a solution because my home cinema system is doing exactly the same thing! Hope you can help!
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