Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 LTE with broken screen...advice wanted

    As per title, I have managed to break the display on my Tab Pro 8.4 LTE (t325). And as it doesn't seem to be a popular model, parts seem to be scarce. It isn't insured because it was bought off eBay 2nd hand. So far it seems that a new screen off ebay is around 120, then it still needs to be fitted. While I'm pretty tech savvy, fitting a screen isn't something I feel comfortable doing. Have asked around a few mobile repair shops and they don't have parts.


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    1, sell as is for spares
    2, find a shop that has parts and can replace it
    3, ask if they will replace if you bring in own correct parts
    4, man up and do it yourself

    not sure what else you expected

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    certainly not snark? but hey thanks ever so much.
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