Samsung Tab S 10.5'' USB cable

Found 3rd Oct 2017

Can anyone recommend a supplier they've used to purchase a USB cable for the Samsung Tab S? I have bought several genuine cables but they only work when the tablet is off. They won't charge the tablet when it's on. None of the mobile phones/Samsung stores sell them either.

Also, does anyone have the right model/part number for the cable eg ECB-?

Many thanks
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What are you trying to charge it from - a PC, a phone charger, wall socket? If you are connecting to a PC, the USB port is probably in data mode when turned on. If you are using a simple plug-in charger it may not be supplying enough current for the tablet's needs when turned on.
any micro usb cable should work, does with mine anyway. I think the problem is the charger
Check your charging port, sounds like it could be iffy to me. If the cables and plug charge other devices fine then you'll know.
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Sorry, just seen your comments.

Only trying to charge it using the charger plugged to the wall socket

USB port is fine and the charger itself is new.

There may be a software/battery issue as the tablet shuts down unexpectedly even with still plenty of battery life.
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