Samsung Tocco

    Ive been offered one of these as an upgrade from Vodafone. Ive been using a Nokia for years and my work phone is a Nokia so not sure whether to go for this one.

    Are they any good as a phone, I only use mine for the camera, texting and making calls, not so fussed about using it for tinternet.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.


    tucco :lol:

    It's tocco mate. I have one lying about somewhere and personally I think they're carp, but that's because I don't like touch screens.
    If you don't mind it being touch screen then I suppose they're a decent enough phone.

    Fife side of the bridge in the avi?

    Myself, I've no experience with the Tocco, but did consider it at one point. It looks like quite a decent phone, although, I'd have gone for the Omnia instead, on the grounds that it's better featured all round, and has about double the battery life. They're pretty much the same price, too. Specs and reviews and comments and stuff available at…php and…php .

    Ive got one and i think its great, like the touch screen on it but take a while to get use to it. Depends if you want to go with a touch screen, and what youve been offered along with it.

    Saw better reviews for the Tocco compared to the Omnia so i went for that. If you want even better, theres the Samsung Pixon.

    I had one for two days and sent it back,Got sick of dialling the wrong people,

    my girlfriends got one and their great! once uve got use to the whole touch screen for txting it actually becomes a lot quicker and easier! options on it are vast and camera is fantastic, very light to unlike a lot of these chunky samsung phones! great phone, definitely recommend it!

    Me and my girlfriend have one and we both think they're superb. Very easy to use however the touch screen does take a little to get used to (as would any touch screen phone.)

    Original Poster

    Thanks to all, will read the write ups and see what to do from there.

    the tocco is a good enough phone . but the touch screen is not really good for a lot of texting.
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