Samsung Tocco Lite On Tesco Mobile Problems? (Help)

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Found 3rd Feb 2010
cant receive texts and when i send them there is a delay of like 2 hours before the other person receives them???
anyone else having problems with this? Tocco Lite? Tesco Mobile?
any solutions?? at the top there is an icon of a simcard not sure if it was there before. Anyway, only happened two days ago?
Thanks in advance, rep for good answers.


If its just the last 2 days it could be a problem with the network.

I am on O2 and have had slower service than normal and at the moment I have 'limited service' which basically means emergency calls only. Not sure why because I have full bar signal

Tesco mobile go through the O2 network

Edit: Funnily enough I have a samsung phone! Pretty sure its the network though

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thanks anyone else though?? Should i call the provider or..~?

i'm on o2 and all good for me, don't think it is the network

Try SIM in different phone/try different SIM in your phone...thats what they'll get you to try if it isn't a network fault, so you may wanna give that a go before phoning them.

my samsung has been like that and i,m o2 texts are slow or not at all!

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my samsung has been like that and i,m o2 texts are slow or not at all!

hmmm, i think a call to provider might be good.
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