Samsung Tocco or Sony Ericsson C905

    As above, have rounded it down to these 2 phones.

    Anyone got or had the sony?

    I think i know enough about the tocco but the sony looks nice and if i don't like it is worth a bit to sell on.

    Views anyone?


    don't get the sony, to many software problems, to big of a phone, doesn't feel well built, the tocco is nice, the new one is nicer, the ultra edition

    I have the c905 - good phone, however ive had a dodgy mic - easily replaced by them though.

    Girlfriend has the tocco - i cant text on that due to fat fingers lol. Wierd text pad.

    Overall i prefer the c905

    my mate has the tocco and completly regrets it, but s.e do get software problems but overall the c905 is a better phone

    Original Poster

    Thanks peeps,

    That is the one thing negative i have heard about the sony, problems with the earpiece/software.
    Apart from that though it looks great and the camera is amazing.

    Have heard people don't get on with the touchscreen on the tocco that well either.

    Decisions decisions .....!!

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