Samsung Tocco Tips and Tricks

Hey guys

Like many other threads I've just got a new phone, Samsung Tocco and just wondering if anyone can help me with stuff like EDGE and other apps and cool things to do on it and any tips or tricks you could give me would be much appriciated.

Many thanks in advance, Links to sites would also be great.



just had a quick look in my apps. sorry i dont see any EDGE so cant help.

the rest of the apps look straight forward..calculator..convertor...timer...

You have looked at the Handbook eh?

btw watch out for the PC based soft. after updating it, it crashes. and crashes. and crashes. plenty unhappy peeps out there cos of this.

Actually what a bag of ***** this phone can be. I have the first album I want to play in order...and the tocco won't do so. Even went and renamed all the tracks manually prefixed in an alphabetical order..still won't do it. I have warned you about Samsung soft and now I could warn you about Samsung customer care. I lost lots of PC files due to a PC HDD failure so went back to their web site to get the manual and all they have is a quick start. Also just tried their soft again to see if there was a sequencer...and no me and plenty others still stuck with **** soft as well. And people like you with no proper manual.

A bad doo all round IMO.

I could bitch on and on about this phone but..hey...who's listenin.

poor phone very poor!
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