Samsung Tocco Ultra Failed recording!! HELP

    Hi there,
    Ok i have a samsung tocco ultra edition which came with a 1gig micro sd card, which can record approx 25 mins of video (top settings).

    i needed more space so i bought an 8gig PNY micro sdhc card from play, put it in and formatted it, my phone recognised it and i can save pictures, music, and short video's onto it.

    but when i try to record for longer, say 40 mins it starts to record then at about 40 - 45 mins a RECORDING FAILED warning pops up on screen, the phone stops recording and loses all the footage that it had recorded so far.

    can anyone help me resolve this (without spending any more)?

    rep given freely for solutions.

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    I think it has a limit of movie lenght and simply can't save longer clips.
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