Samsung Tocco Ultra or Nokia N96

    As an upgrade, I have the choice of either phone for the same price. I like the design and the AMOLED screen of the Tocco Ultra, but the N96 is a smartphone and a lot more expensive Sim-free, so what are people's recommendations, thanks! I will give rep to helpful answers


    I have the tocco ultra so any questions you have ill try to answer for you,I have not played with the n96 as no one i know has one so cant compare it for you. Online a lot of people moan about the battery like of the tocco but mine is fine....think thats down to the batch you get, some people say its less than 24 hours yet mine lasts 4 days with regular i dont really see their problem. Other than that I think the phone does what it claims to, I think the camera on it is fab....i no longer use my digital camera at all.
    I got this one as a replacement when my phone was stolen though so I kinda got it for the £25 insurance excess...I might have a different opinion if i had paid the £350 for it that i think vodafone are charging...dont know
    As i said, cant really help you but will answer any questions about it that you have

    see reviews [url][/url] - 166k

    go for n96 mate! gud sound quality... 3.5mm jack.. and best wen comparing to the tocco ultra toouch...

    personally i would wait for the n97 , it comes out next month

    i would personally recommend the n96 jus a great phone and has everything on it, the tocco ultra gets a bit annoyin with the touch screen but u should try them both out before buyin



    personally i would wait for the n97 , it comes out next month

    N97 is going to be very very expensive for new customers on any network.
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