Samsung Tocco/Mediaplayer/Sync problems

Found 24th Aug 2008
anyone have u synced any music over to the tocco, as iam having several problems with transferring for example a full album/folder to my tocco external memory(2gb) via pc(xp). when i disconnect from pc the track listing is always in reverse to the original. ie descending 10,9,8 etc instead of ascending 1,2,3.. ive been onto samsung about six times or more but they don't seem to know what to do either! ive tried the windows media 11 sync, the pc studio 3 sync, but they always come out the wrong way, also tried the move in playlist option on the tocco itself but cannot get that to work to which samsung said that it may be a software issue, just like my F700! Any help really appreciated.
Spoke to yet another Samsung person who told me after putting me on hole 3 times that the music will only load up in Alphabetical order well thats a load of tosh as i relisted/renamed all numerical with all letters a,b,c and so on, and this made no difference!! still came out in reverse or randomly listed!
ANYONE I cannot believe i'am the only one who has had issues with the above problem, come on guys surely some one has got some ideas.
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You might need to renumber them as 001, 002, 003 and so on (10 becomes 010).

You might need to renumber them as 001, 002, 003 and so on (10 becomes … You might need to renumber them as 001, 002, 003 and so on (10 becomes 010).

This is suppose to be the latest technology, so why should anyone have to start messing about manually changing numbers is beyond me, it really p***** me off that theses companies like samsung and o2 flood these devices out onto the market just to compete with all the others, but dont make sure these devices are fool proof, user friendly and have the proper technical support.
Just another example of once these companies has our hard earned cash they laugh all the way to the bank and we just have to put up with the shoddy goods:x
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