Samsung TS-H653G (SH-S203B) DVD RW SATA Optical Drive

    I bought this (…e=1 )Dvd Rom and the fittings are not the same. I have an old branded computer and I wanted to know if there is anyway I can connect this to the Motherboard with a converter lead or something.


    A PCI SATA Controller card should do the trick. Link

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    isnt that for a 360?


    isnt that for a 360?

    Std via chipset, should work on any computer with a PCI slot.

    are you sure this will help me? Because I bought the dvd rom and it … are you sure this will help me? Because I bought the dvd rom and it doesnt connenct to my comp....How will it connect anyway? will I have to connect the card to the mother board? and then connect the sata cable to the dvd rom? (ive noticed the sata cable is very small but the fittings behind the dvd rom are wide....)

    Yes, the card goes into an empty PCI slot and connects via flat/narrow cable to the smaller part of the connector on the back of the drive. The larger part of the connector on the back of the drive is for power (see below).

    Does the back of the drive look like this ? ¿

    Assuming it does, you will also need to buy a SATA power converter cable (converts one of your power supply's old molex plugs into the newer SATA ones.

    Most SATA data cables are 60cm long, if that is too short for your computer case here is a 1m one.

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    Thank you very very much m8....uve been more than helpful.......

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    Thanks everyone who contributed. I bought an ide to sata converter adapter and it works wonders. It cost me 3.29 including delivery.
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