samsung T.V. LE32R74BDX

    Hello, I am looking for the best possible price on the Samsung 32 inch (LE32R74BDX). The best I can muster is about 750 for the 32 inch and 550 for the 26 inch - essentially I am asking for your help and canny knowledge:

    1) whats the best price either for the 32 inch or the smaller 26?
    2) when is the price likely to be reduced - does anyone have any insider knowledge?
    3) Does anyone know of any newer lcd tvs Samsung plan to release in the next few months?

    any help will be greatly appreciated
    cheers all !


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    cheers amigo

    Right then:-
    £828.99 from but if you can use:-
    that will make it £663.19 after 20% reduction if the above voucher works ok. Free Delivery as well.

    If you went through Quidco you would also get 2%.

    Oooops, hang on with that voucher

    ]BE Direct do it for £719.97 with free delivery.

    Don't forget 2.5% Quidco Cashback. (18 Quid)

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    dinoman! 663 pounds is a fantastic price but I cant get that voucher to work; I shall keep on searching:) - Mr cuthroat has also found a good deal but is there a cheaper deal out there hmmm

    does anybody here work for Mr Samsung? or...dixons/comet/currys/ -come on you know when this will be reduced spill some beans please please
    cheers !

    Will probably be reduced only when the new model is due for release... not sure when that will be sorry

    New version will be out soon (N73 range) You can already order them on Play but theyre £899, hopefully prices will fall for the R7 range, but im not certain.…tml

    [SIZE=2]If you dont mind another brand, have a look at this website:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]They usually have some good dixons deals, plus you can use the codes in the vouchers section[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Mod edit - removed link to third party affiliate site[/SIZE]

    Not to be anti your OP
    But does it have to be Samsung?
    Philips 37" LCD HD-Ready for £699:

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    I wasn't even aware that a newer model was out there so thanks Russ and M4rts website find is pretty excellent. I must confess that because I have coveted this TV for so long I think I have become a victim of the Samsung brand... but they do make some sexy TVs :thinking:

    Thumbs up folks you've come up trumps

    Im looking for a LCD TV to buy soon - and my parents have the 37WLT58 Toshiba, my friend has a 26" R73 Samsung - I love the tosh - but the samsung is soooo much sexier with its glossy black finish. The blacks in the screen actually look more black as well.

    Although the Samsung does seem to get quite warm at the back, and it wont connect to my Vaio laptop - Samsung emailed me and said there was no solution to that issue but they were aware of it! Even so, the stunning looks would win me over.

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    Russ, it looks like you've been bitten by the samsung bug too ! I've recently noticed price drops on the R7 range as the N73 gets ready to hit shops but I must say that I dont think its as handsome and sleek. Actually Russ how do you find the sound of the R74? as lots of people have said its "tinny"

    The sound on the 26" Samsung R73 was absolutely fine - but to be honest if its not what you are expecting its easily sorted by linking it to a better sound system. Its hard to compare to a 37" Tosh due to the size, but I was quite happy with the sound on the Samsung when I borrowed it for a few weeks

    Im a bit annoyed the R73/R74s cant link to Sony Vaio laptops - otherwise i probably would have got one. Im also a little concerned about the heat output on the 26" - it was very very hot at the back on non-power saving mode. And this cant be expecially good I imagine it may reduce the lifetime of the TV. Perhaps these things have been fixed on the N73 range... time will tell!

    rgb direct do this for 677.68 including vat and delivery

    rgb direct do this for 677.68 including vat and delivery NO NEED FOR VOUCHERS i have found another company beyondtelevision who do it for 667.68 inc vat and delivery
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