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Samsung TV picture problems

Posted 27th May 2023
Hi all, looking for some help or advice.
I have a 40 inch smart Samsung TV. Series 5.
It's only 6 years old and the picture just went off. I have sound and it turns on and off changes channel mutes etc using remote control. Home button shows nothing on screen .
So basically I have sound but no picture.
Is my TV dead after only 6 years or is there someway to reset it?
I might add it is a TV with Freeview nothing else connected so no HDMI cables just an Ariel cable and my TV upstairs works fine on same Ariel. And I've had that 20 years .
Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou in advance
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  1. johnro's avatar
    Your best bet and go online and chat with a samsung adviser

    They'll tell you what choices you've got there

    But, if the tv is broken , 6 years later there is new technology now and somehow , 40inch tvs are quite cheap vs getting your old one fixed

    And some of them come with 6 years warranty too
  2. samwants2save's avatar
    Ours has only just turned 6, and a backlight panel has gone. So we have a faded grey stripe in the middle-ish of the screen. Reading up on it, I discovered that it's very common for Sammy TVs to last only 5-6yrs and that these issues are really widespread. Bear in mind, I have a 15yr old Panny still going strong, and an LG even older. Would think twice before buying a Samsung again. Looks like my Tele will probably end up like yours very soon..
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    peter.darlison Author
    Yep I have a couple of others too that are still going strong after 15 years . I will definitely not be buying Samsung and pay over the odds too

    I'm getting to the impression that you buy the cheapest because they last longer. (edited)
  3. michaelgallagher5891's avatar
    Unplug it at the wall. Leave it for about 30 seconds plug it back in and turn on with the remote by pressing the on button for 10 seconds. Hopefully works
    peter.darlison's avatar
    peter.darlison Author
    Nope thx but nope
  4. mutley1's avatar
    6 years is a decent amount of time for tech these days. sounds like you need a new tv if googling all the solutions won't help.
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