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Found 3rd Feb 2016
Hi, I am experiencing a problem with my Samsung TV (UE40JU6400) & NAS (QNap TS-253A) as I can play video (MP4, etc) and audio (MP3) files but can’t view any photos (JPEG) as the TV displays the following message “This file format is not supported”.

All my photos are saved in JPEG and I can view them on the TV via a USB Memory Card but no through NAS. I even tried a different file format but the results are the same.
When accessing the photos folder on the NAS through my TV I can see the photos thumbnails but when clicked on it, just doesn’t work.

I contacted Samsung UK and they advised me to install the latest software update but can’t answer that why this is happening. Even tried resetting the TV to factory settings but results are the same.

Can anyone please share their experience if they have encountered the same problem and how they fixed it as I can view the photos stored on my NAS on a Sony TV with no issues.

Thank You.
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So the exact same file on your NAS copied to USB
via NAS "not supported"
via USB you can view?

Can you find a photo, that you don't mind being online, and upload the file to an online storage (like google drive - image sharing site may not be practical as it could alter)
Hi, I am sharing a photo via OneDrive. The same photo can't be viewed on the TV via NAS but can be viewed when saved on a USB Memory Stick.

Spoke to Samsung UK again and they said it could be a file compatibility issue as not all files are compatible with the TV. Explained it to them that it's JPEG file so it should work fine as it works perfectly through USB but not through NAS. They asked me to change file to PNG and then try, but the results were the same.
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