Found 11th May 2007
Can anyone tell me what this phone is like?

Has samsung finally let us use mp3 tones for sms?

Does it have recent recipients for sms like SE?

One thing which annoys me about samsung is that when you write a text message, you have to go through so many presses. Anyone knows whether theyve sorted this?

Used to have a D600, loved it til I tried SE software! WOuld love to have this phone though.



I have just got one of these after having a d500 then a SEw810i

Didnt want to change from Sony due to ease of use but did not like look of currents phones like w880i etc so went for the U600.

Only had it a week but must say I am impressed, GREAT looking phone, thinnest on market with a great 3.2mp camera. Menus have took a little getting used to but with time become fine.

To answer your questions......
YES you can have mp3 sms tones
There are still more presses than a Sony when sending a text, but it does have a recent recipients for texts which saves searching through phone book.

Battery not as good as the sony but still lasts 2/3 days with reasonable use.

All in all very impressed and wont be sending it back (had 7 days to change mind, as would you if you got it on contract???)

Plus Micro SD's are a damn sight cheaper than Sony M2 cards, and the u600 holds a 2gb I have been reliably informed (the D900 would only take a 1gb max)

Original Poster

Hi mate,

Thanks, you've been very helpful! Think I'm gonna get one of these now! I agree it looks stunning!

Oooo One more thing, can you multi-task on it?

Listen to MP3 while sending text for example?

Yerp you can, I have had the music playing by accident when typing a text.
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