Samsung U600 - Any Good

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Found 17th Apr 2009
I found Reviews on Reevoo and they said that the phone battery wasnt that good

and got this phone thgat can get there view on it...


Dont know about that phone, but my mum has another Samsung and battery life good. To be honest no mobile phone batteries are any good anymore. There is lots on the phones which drain the power and battery life common complaint with all phones.

I had a U600 & the battery life was very good. However, the phone was pants! It kept having epileptic fits, & Samsung refused to fix it for me, even though it was still in warranty.

no its pants

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more feedback would be good

Had one for a few months before the mrs conned me into handing it to her. Battery life never a problem, lasted for a good few days. Phone was good, other than predictive text would switch to German every once in a while(???)

To be more specific about my problems, phone would switch itself off every time I tries to make a call or answer a call. Also, phone lost ALL settings & saved files when it switched off.

Samsung said it had been immersed in water so wouldn't repair it under warranty. When I explained that the phone was kept either in my pocket or on a table at home they said I could pay for a second opinion (although I wouldn''t be able to claim back the cost of doing this even if I was right).

Pants phone, & pants customer service. I did at one time think Samsung were good, but then they turned stupid, & now I refuse to buy a Samsung phone.
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