Samsung UE40H5000 v Samsung UE40J5100

Found 1st Jun 2015
Hey, was hoping you guys could help me out with this...

I ordered a Samsung UE40H5000 at Argos for £309 at Argos...…htm

However, they sent a Samsung UE40J5100 worth £499…htm

So I was wondering whether to bother complaining or not. The main difference I've noticed is the cheaper one has 100hz, and the one I've got is only 50hz... But is that a big deal?

Any other noticable differences?

Also has anyone had this happen to them before? Argos sending a more expensive TV with a bit of Tesco label still stuck to it. I'm more than confused.


Okay just found the Samsung UE40J5100 on Tesco and that says its 200hz, now even more confused!
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The one they have sent is a slightly newer and assume higher spec'd model.
The more hz's the better, especially for video games or watching football (anything fast moving).
I think Samsung is 200hz. But, I paid more for it.

There's a YT vid here that might help Your text here

The best advice for comparing the TV's I can give, is do the obvious review searching online.
e.g. " review"
Look at each TV's features and good/bad points. Don't just base your choice on the price.

It should be better, with both a higher letter and number - there are different ways that the scan rate enhancement are described. such as PQI
There is a chance the H might be a 50Hz panel with processing bringing it up to 100Hz, but I think it is just a 100Hz panel with no processing. The J is definitely not a 50Hz panel and I am pretty sure it is a 100Hz panel with processing bring it to 200HZ
i would keep it. h is 2014 model j is 2015 model so should have improved functionality
the model you got is far better. in fact it has a 200hz not 50hz. they rate it as 200 pqi which means 200hz, the 50hz as advertised on argos is a mistake, anyway on a full HD tv 50hz is more than enough all tv signals at the moment on pal only broadcast 50hz even xbox one or PS4 wil only go to 60hz for now.The only plus for a higher refresh rate is that it will reduce DSE( dirty screen effect) on fast moving images like football or formula one,hope this helped.. its a great tv dont send it back
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