Samsung UE48H6400 DSE (Dirty screen effect) issue

Found 13th Aug 2015
Hello all,

My question is on my Samsung UE48h6400, which I have owned just short of a month, it was originally brought to replace my Panasonic PX80 and initially all good, however what is becoming more apparent, is what I’ve read online is called “DSE” or “dirty screen effect” which for those that are not aware is a series of faint but clearly visible lines which appear when there is fast moving motion, so especially in football which is my main source of viewing when a big long hoof is made from one end of the pitch to another, the camera when quickly following the ball you see a series of dark faint lines on the screen

My question is as this is something that is really starting to bug me, is there anything to cure or even reduce, or is it a case of live with it and I would need to spend many more £££ to buy something without this problem? Also as it was purchased from Richer Sounds would they accept this as a fault or not as I can’t imagine the 6 year guarantee covers this?

Thanks in advance for any replies
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If you have only owned it for less then a month it comes down to is it fit for purpose, sounds like it isn't, give richer sounds a call and see what they say.
can you disable post image processing ?

can you disable post image processing ?

The motion processing option is set to off

The motion processing option is set to off

Did you set the HDMI input label to PC MODE ?

Did you set the HDMI input label to PC MODE ?

Not that I'm aware of, I just connected sky via HDMI and let it auto detect, can't see any options in the menus on how to set input labels?…htm <= according to this it's an option but I've no experience on this set unfortunately. Best bet is to check the manual for PC connection. Always use PC connection instead of any other as it dampens or removes post processing and reduces lag.
Did you get it sorted? Im having the same problem with mine.......also from richer sounds
I went to buy this was from Currys yesterday, but was a bit alarmed at the picture. as a What Hifi recommended product I was not expecting to see a picture that was less than crisp, and certainly seemed to have mild pixelation on dark areas. I guess this might be the DSE you are experiencing. Needless to say I didn't buy, think I'll save up for a higher spec model.
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