Samsung UE50RU7100 or LG 49UM7400PLB?

Posted 13th Nov
I’m after a new TV but not sure which one to go for Samsung ue50ru7100 or LG 49um7400.

I’ve read somewhere that the LG tv has a RGBW panel which apparently is not good.

Any suggestions/recommendations?
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If you want wide viewing angles go for the LG – If you like deep blacks and plan on sitting directly in front of the TV go for the Samsung. At this size I very much doubt the fact the LG is using RGBW will make much difference. I would personally avoid the LG due to it using IPS and issues such as poor contrast ratio (grey blacks) and backlight uniformity issues such as banding and dirty screen effect – but that’s just me. You would be best off viewing both TV’s in person and judging for yourself. I have the model below the RU7100, the RU7020 (though I suspect they’re identical) and I’ve been pretty impressed with it and its smart features.
Samsung has always been my go to brand after trying others, but the 7000+ series are the old 6 series The changed things about 2 years back. So are pretty budget compare to what they were... they don’t have freesat built in like they use to on the old 7000. I believe the LG does have freesat if that’s important to you or not. But at this size and price range there wouldn’t be much else in it.
RGBW panels are something people object to in principle and rather than because of their effects in practice, you'll struggle to find a review complaining of it's supposed problems by someone unaware of it.
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