Samsung Ultra 22 Screen Protector & Case recommendations please?

Posted 21st Dec 2022
Hi folks,
Have ordered a S22 Ultra should be delivered tomorrow.
Trying to sort screen protector and case, any recommendations please.
Is it best to get plastic film or tempered glass? I believe the S22 Ultra has a curve on the sides - so would glass stick out or fall short - as it would not cover the sides so to speak - or would a case cover any misgivings.
Looking on Amazon seems too many to chose from - don't know which are decent - would like an easy foolproof way of applying it.
A lot seem to have fingerprint cut out - which not sure looks that great

Any case recommendations that you've found work well

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    It comes with a built on screen protector. Don't peel this off. There is nothing that feels as good as it once it does eventually wear out.

    I have a S21 ultra and got these Mowei [3+2 Pack for Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protector [100% Fingerprint Unlocking] 3X 3D Curved Tempered Glass & 2X Camera Lens Protector for Samsung S21 Ultra 5G…fgG

    This is the s22 version
    Mowei [3-Pack] for Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector [Fully Support Fingerprint & S Pen] 3D Curved Tempered Glass for Samsung S22 Ultra 5G [Scratch & Impact Protection]…4PN

    The film ones are all too rubbery and I've failed to find anything as good as the OEM Protector but the glass one above comes very close. No Fingerprint cut outs either and fingerprints work perfectly.

    Fits the curved screen perfectly

    Case wise I always go for Spigen or Dux Ducis ones.

    Thanks jrw - didn't realise it had a screen protector already on it - that is very good to know - so I can just look for a case for now.
    I did see the Mowei one - 3 pack - its £30 which I thought was a bit on the steep side - only need the one
    Will make sure I stick to glass

    Was looking at the Spigen tough armour - will take a look at the Dux Ducis not come across those before.
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    I've got the Spigen tough armour case for mine, would definitely recommend it!
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    I have one of these and works brilliantly especially with the kickstand

    Deal of the day: Spigen Tough Armor Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G - Black…C3W
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    The phone doesn't have a screen protector already added. I have tried glass ones but they don't work well with curved screens, so it has to be film. This is the one I am using and happy with it. Also, case link. Please register your fingerprints after you apply the protector and turn on the setting for it.
    Glass works fine even with a case. Getting on for a year now with no issues
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