samsung v bush - BEST TV - EXCELLENT PRICES?

Found 5th Jan 2009
Hi there, my wife works for argos and i can get 10% off. i am in need to b uy a new tv, bigger the better but have a budget of £550 before discount.

I have seen two tvs that look like a good deal, the bush one has a 1080 pixels but only Contrast ratio 2000:1 and the samsung has Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels but has a Contrast ratio 20000:1.

the two links are below…htm…t=1

whats better to go for a high contrast ratio but low pixels or high pixels and low contrast ratio?/

i can get 10% off which makes the price £437.00
if you but vouchers from the internet i can get £437 worth for £400

£400 for one of these tv's sounds good but im not up to dcate on my technology.

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any reasons why samsung? thanks :-)
Samsung without a doubt. Samsung is a better make than Bush, although still behind others such as Panasonic. I have a Bush LCD 2 years old thats just developed a fault.

The Samsung is Plasma (might want to check that is suitable for your uses) which I would go for over LCD any day. The resolution is not an issue as far as picture quality goes. £400 is a pretty good price :thumbsup:
-its a plasma
-sd will look carp on the bush
-samsung is a better/more reliable make
-the samsung has plenty of good reviews
Samsung. Got an LE40A559. Superb

The Samsung would win hands down for me. The full HD (1080p) sales pitch being used at the moment annoys me somewhat. For the most part, you will not notice any difference in quality - remember, the only way you will benefit from 1080p is via BluRay (or HD DVD). Even if you have Sky HD they dont transmit 1080p anyway.
The Samsung is likely to last longer than the Bush, good luck with your new purchase.
Samsung for me,,,Every time,,,
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