Samsung warranty for Screen Burn on S7 Edge

Posted 27th Mar 2017
I have quite bad screen burn on my 12 month old Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

This has been caused by my GPS app which is used a lot.

Has anyone had any luck with a warranty claim for this problem or would it be classed as wear and tear?
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Best of luck, if it needs a new screen. I'll bet local Samsung repair centres wont have any in stock and won't let u book in. You'll be without a phone for a couple of months waiting for Samsung customer services to repair it.
unfortunately they class it as wear and tear/improper use so wont warranty it. i had this issue and they would not budge.
Sorry can't agree with you there Luke. I recently had a red line dead pixel line straight down my S7 edge. I took the mobile to Surrey Quays and they booked my phone in. Picked it up a few days later and not only did they fix the creen but replaced the bezel and changed the battery. Very happy!!!
Must admit heard a few horror stories about Samsung repair centres but personally can't fault them. I had to take my S7 edge in last year as it developed the pink screen issue so needed a new screen, told me it might take a couple of days, I had a phone call within a couple of hours saying it was fixed.
I had my s7 edge screen fixed in a few hours which had a black dot. Best bet is to just take it down to samsung repair centre or online booking and see what they do. One of my friends had a bad screen burn on his note 4 and they replaced it with a s7 edge a few months ago as there was no more stock of note 4.
Well, just had a long chat with Samsung and they said it is covered and will collect it tomorrow.

Cheers folks. Will let you know how it goes if you're interested.
Carphone warehouse are a registered Samsung repair centre, but not all stores. Took my s3 in due to random power cycling and boot loops, all they did was replace the screen with a bit of screen burn the first time, ended up with a replacement device after the second time it went back and said no fault found
Glad to hear most of you had a better experience than I did.
Mine was an S7 Edge. It Developed the horizontal light/dark screen bars issue (common fault that isn't well publicised)
Tried no less than 5 different repair centres using Samsung's repair centre finder on their website. When I phoned them, None of them had the parts in stock, nor could they tell me when they would be getting any, nor would they let me book it in until they had the parts.
So reluctantly I phoned Samsung repair centre, who collected it promptly. Unfortunately, I didn't see my phone again. A month went by with not a word from them. I phoned them, to be told "we're waiting for parts (!!)"
Phoned them up every week after that, eventually I was told "my phone has been repaired and will be returned to me in a few days"
Left it another week - the phone haddnt arrived - so I phoned customer services. They claimed they wern't sure what was happening with my phone (told me to phone the repair centre directly(!) and ask them! ) Which I did, only to be told to phone customer services for info.
At this point I was boiling mad. Phoned them up and put a full complaint in. only then did they agree to send a replacement phone out - finally after being 2 months without a phone!!!
It was too late at this point anyway, because I had already got fed up of waiting and bought an iPhone 7 plus instead.
The only reason I can think of for the parts shortage, is due to the Note 7 fiasco at the time. Even so - it will be a long time before I buy another Samsung again.
It has just been collected by UPS. Fingers crossed.
Bobbajob28/03/2017 12:32

It has just been collected by UPS. Fingers crossed.

Awakening a dead thread..

How did you get on?
adam_holcombe12 h, 39 m ago

Awakening a dead thread..How did you get on?

It came back with a new screen within 5 days.

This then became unresponsive and I took it to a service centre where the screen and motherboard were replaced under warranty.
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