Samsung washing machine serial number

Posted 5th Feb 2017
hi all. I recently bought a new washing machine from John Lewis. it's a grey Samsung ecobubble 8kg one.

I'm trying to register for the warranty and I need the serial number. I've no idea where it is on this machine.

does anyone know?

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normally on a sticker inside door
Here 29986800-Fv15A

that's where I'm looking and all I see is one sticker which has a qr code on it for the manual and a few little diagrams. nothing that explicitly says serial number. There's another number on the inside of the door itself which is the model number followed by another long number which appears to match the barcode number on the back. perhaps that could be it?
It may be on a white sticker by the door hinge when the door is open. Sticker is on the inside of the door going by our Addwash model.
thanks pal. think I got it
I couldn't find mine either and had to google it, strange place to put it as its only paper, it will wash away over time. When I took the box to the tip yesterday I noticed it was on there too so ripped it off to keep it.
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