Samsung won't fix my phone - grrr! How do I get them to fix it?

Found 16th Oct 2008
My U600 developed the annoying habit of losing all files/settings/anything in memory when switched off, so I sent it back to Samsung to get it fixed.

I've just had it returned to me, unfixed, as Samsung say that it's been 'contaminated by a liquid' & is therefore not covered by the warranty.

I've asked them to explain further as I haven't even used the phone when it's been raining, but has anyone else had this problem, and if so how did you get the phone company to honour the warranty?

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A quick google search brought this up.…spx

You could take it to a mobile repair place and get them to confirm there is no water damage. Also try and get in touch with a manager of some sort.
Your Googling is better than mine, as I couldn't find that link:whistling:

I'm waiting for Samsung to explain further then I'll do as the link says.

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Trading standards state that electrical goods must be fit for purpose for 6 years, phone trading standards explain you have a faulty electrical item, they will email you a form, delete as appropriate then post to Samsung. You might have to "prove" that you didnt get the phone wet, just get an independant electrical engineer to have a look & send his report on. You will get the cost of his bill back if you win your fight, in my case they never even asked for proof. I think ive got the form somewhere still if you get stuck. Hope this helps, the only thing you cant claim for in this manner is accidental damage.
I haven't had time to read this but looks like this person has had the same problem. Samsung seem to be a shoddy company.…tml
Good luck with it mate. You might need ! :
The majority of mobile phones have something inside the phone (sometimes visable) that tells a repairer if it has been wet at any point. Be sure that it hasn't been wet at any point before persuing this. Even if it is faulty for another reason that has nothing to do with water damage, any water damamge there is will stop Samsung repairing it.
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In my case the only possiblity is humidity. If that's all it takes to break a Samsung then I'm not getting any more of their phones!
Gotta love any phones worth more than £50, eh.

Take some low end Nokia, or phone from the past and it'll survive anything. I think it was my Nokia 6070 that got submerged fully in the dog water and to this day lives to tell the tail. Also been dropped all over the shop and never has a problem, like my old Nokia 3210. Got a 6300 now and you just know dropping it will result in the screen oblitorating!
My brother had exactly the same problem when he sent his W880i back to Sony for repair. They said they couldnt fix it on warranty because it had water contamination, but it hadnt even been anywhere near water! I think they just use it as an excuse when they cant fix them rather than replacing the phone (a much higher cost to them).
The strange thing is - the phone now works so something has been done to it!

(The other problem it had was that it would switch itself off when I made a call or answered a call).

No sign of any of the problems, so either my phone just needed a holiday or Samsung are messing me about.

Still not going to buy any more of their products, though, if they can't cope with the British climate.
Hi folks - we've been having a dig about into the legalities of phone retailers voiding the warranty. Seems you may have some legal comeback if you've had your phone less than six months:…438

We'd love some feedback regarding your dealings with retailers; have any of them ever provided concrete proof of liquid damage to your phone?


Paul S
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