Samsung Z107 PAYG £49.99 (Is this a good phone ?)

    To all of you Mobile Phone Experts out there !

    I'm looking to buy a Mobile Phone for my Father. He only uses it for emergencies and does not want a monthly tarrif.

    Can anybody please give me some advice on this phone and is it a good offer on Pay As You Go ?

    Here is the link:…_go

    Much appreciated !




    If he's not really bothered about what the phone is like (he only uses it for emergencies) then try >>THIS<<.

    You buy it with £10 talktime too, meaning that he should have enough to use for a while. I think the whole thing (including talktime) is around £30.

    Or... >>THIS<< - it's only £15.99 for the phone on PAY-G!!

    Both of these phones are quite good and should suit a low-use life. Everything you expect from a phone, they have a colour screen and all the normal features and are a low price too.

    Remember that if you purchase via [url][/url] you get a little bit extra off!!

    Original Poster

    Thanks Duckmagicuk2

    Some really great pointers.

    Will certainly take up one of these offers.

    Thanks again !
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