SamsungLE37M BDX

    Bought one of these from Play few weeks ago and after setting the thing up I find that any sort of movement. ie. footie or even close ups of faces that move, there appears to be a blurring.
    this model is meant to be the top range and has the 100khz and should eliminate this type of problem-dont know what the problem is whether I've set it up wrong or what?
    also picture in picture unobtainable and remote control codes i have tried for my cable remote do not work.
    Anyone know where or what i am doing wrong or should i be thinking of returning for replacement.



    Ooh - is the MBDX the 100khz version? I thought that was the one released before it..could be wrong though

    Huge thread on AVforums on this TV…377

    Anyway its a great place to get answers if not the exact model of your LCD

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    cheers for that
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