Samung 32" flat screen channel problems

    Anyone got a samsung tv and pressed the Tv/DTV button,
    and when your on the DTV your not getting BBC1 or BBC2 ??

    seems strange, iv updated the list and still dont get the 2 channels


    I've the 50" version and it works fine...

    Search for channels?

    I have just bought the 37" but found I needed and amplifier to boost the signal for digital......... Sounds strange but analogue was fine but could only pick up about 10 of the DTV channels. This changed with the weather as well!!

    Bought a Tekchnika dual band amplifier from Tesco for under £9, plumbed it up, went to DMenu and then auto store again.....wheeen's of channels and radio channels as well:w00t:

    Sounds like you need a new aerial or the one you have needs adjusting...

    Probably the aerial. One of my freeview boxes wont pick up channel 5 or QVC (no problems there then) even though it's on its own aerial.

    Original Poster

    But it was working 2 days nothing
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