Posted 23rd Jan 2023 (Posted 14 h, 6 m ago)

i am looking to upgrade my samsung s20 to an samsung s23 and i was wondering about the pre order deals.

does anyone know about the previous pre order deals for samsung s22 and s21 and if so can you tell me about them.

i am wondering if the pre order deals are better than the mid release deals as i want to check reviews about the product

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    I got the S21 Ultra on pre-order, and it came with £50 off, free Buds Pro and a free smart tag. I think the S22 range came with the Buds Pro and 12 months of Disney+, can't be sure of it though.

    I'll be honest, I was hoping people would be looking to get rid of S22 stock now and we'd see some better deals. Would love a good deal on the S22 Ultra with free Chromebook - but the deals are all just a bit too pricy, given that the new one is announced in a week
    I saw someone on here got the new galaxy s22 for over 400 quid. Due to the pre order offer which seems decent at the time
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    The trade in with Samsung is best the first couple of day's after release, plus any freebie that they give out.
    Also if you pre order (no obligation to buy)you get £100
    Where have you seen the pre order to get £100 ?
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    If there is a great deal, it will be posted here. Just set up an alert. (edited)