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Hey guy's and girl's, I was just wondering if any of you have been to san francisco? I really fancy going in the summer,but am just not sure? If you have did you enjoy? and what kind of things did you do while you were there? Many thanks in advance xx

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not been but a friend of mine has and it is very expensive once you get there. i am off to cuba in june big price tag but all inclusive so no money worries once there.

Last time I went was 1999 and it wasn't very nice! Horrible place full of drop outs and loonys! Very expensive to eat out and a bit scary at night. I much preferred Washington DC. Hope that helps!!

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Hmmm it's not looking positive so far,thank-you both for your help though x

I went there last year on a school trip, only there for 2 days so didnt do much, we only stayed around fishermans wharf and pier 33. I thought it was a pretty nice and clean place, food was a bit expensive but theres plently of restaurants to chose from (we stuck to maccy d's :-D). Alcatraz is a must tho! :thumbsup:

Your welcome! I would look on Trip Adviser though as a lot may have changed in 10 years!! As already stated Alcatraz is a must that was the best thing.

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Thank's for your help people,reason were going is because my partner got offered a job with his job to move to santa clara in 2 yrs time,so just really want to go check it out,big decision to be made

I love Santa Barbara and Santa Clara, agreed San Francisco is not all you think it will be, but intereting to go and see the Golden Gate Bridge - alcatraz, fishermans Wharf etc, a short drive away you will find some really lovely places as mentioned above

I loved San Fransisco! Was there about 2 years ago & yes, there's one part of it to avoid (name escapes me at the minute) the rest of the place is beautiful imo.

There's loads to do, Alcatraz, Fishermans Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge etc. Even walking around the neighbourhoods is an amazing experience.

It's one of my favourite places & I'd recommend it to anyone.


there's one part of it to avoid (name escapes me at the minute)

Was it the mission area? Our tour guide said that was one of the areas to avoid.

We went years ago - lovely place but absolutely freezing cold, even in late summer.


Was it the mission area? Our tour guide said that was one of the areas to … Was it the mission area? Our tour guide said that was one of the areas to avoid.

No, I remember now, it was the Tenderloin. It's well dodgy!

We'd been advised to stay away from the area but we hadn't realised we'd happily walked into it, every corner started to look worse & worse, prostitutes, drug dealers etc. We were really scared :oops: as it was going dark aswell, we thought we were going to get robbed!! Then we turned & ran down a street towards the main square.

It was the only downside to our trip though, don't let it put you off.

I wonder if they're closing down the Virgin Megastore that's there as the one in Times Square is closing. Shame if they did, I loved that place!

Oh & take a ride on a trolley and go to Lomard Street (the worlds bendiest road!)

if you go make sure you go to Alcatraz and do the audio tour. When we went my daughter was 11( now 20) she did this 3 times and would have gone round again only they were closing for the day

I was there in Sept for 5 days, take warm clothes as it can be chilly even in their so called summer!
Did Alcatraz tour (Book before you go if poss to avoid queues), then we had 2 day hop on hop off bus and that was fab. On day 1 got off and walked across GG bridge then bussed it back, Day 2 drove over and got off at other side and took a 15 min stroll to Sausalito- absolutely beautiful- then caught ferry back to SFO ($7 each I think)
Go to fishermans wharf/Pier 39 and see Sealions and do some shopping/ eating.
Catch the old fashioned trolleys to or from Union square , go to Lombard Street and watch the cars coming down. Go to church where Marilyn Munro married Joe D'Maggio then if your legs
can make it walk up telegraph hill for magnificent views.
We had fab time I have some maps-leaflets etc. PM me and I will send them to you
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