San francisco

    how can one send a MMS on an orange san francisco with an 02 sim?


    I take it that the phone is opened on all networks, you need to setup the settings for O2

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    how do i do that?

    Hang on i remember you had issues about San Fransisco phone a while back when you tried to root/mod it. Am i correct

    Edit : I am Blah
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    ignore that please.
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    and spitroast whats with that link?

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    nvm, sorted

    I remember the last we went around in circles, ok

    In no particular order

    Have you unlocked it or has it been unlocked by anyone else?
    What sim was you using before O2?
    Does it pick up your O2 sim?
    Have you changed anything on the phone i.e mods?

    Edit: ok just seen your reply

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